St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club History

Mission Statement:To build the best club in America. A club that positively impacts on the development of our players and our community.”

This Mission Statement outlines how St. Louis Scott Gallagher conducts business each day. From player development, facility operations, and community service projects. Our goal is to be the best while making a positive difference in the lives of our players as well as the wider community.

SLSG developed Shield Values to help us as parents, coaches, players, and fans. These five (5) Shield Values can be described as:

  • Unity
  • Humility
  • Passion
  • Respect
  • Tradition

These Shield Values can be seen at our facilities. They are part of our curriculum and an important part of how we train our players off-field.


The possibility of bringing together the three clubs St. Louis Soccer Club and Scott Gallagher Soccer Club was explored in 2007. St. Louis will be able to boast a unique vertically integrated soccer club that combines the talents and efforts of three of its most prominent clubs. This organization would be of the highest quality, from the entry level up through the professional ranks. As the game of soccer was developing and growing at an unprecedented rate, a vision was created that would ensure St. Louis was competitive nationally.

St. Louis Scott Gallagher is a leader in youth soccer after combining thååe three top youth clubs in the area in 2008. The organization is proud of its on-field success and has worked tirelessly in fulfilling its mission.To be the best club in America. Club that positively impacts the development and well-being of our players and our community.

The key milestones include the purchase of the historic St. Louis Soccer Park, now “World Wide Technology Soccer Park”, expansion in the St. Louis metro area, the establishment of a comprehensive curriculum for player development, and the creation of the Upper 90 program, which allows families and players to volunteer to improve their community. SLSG announced in 2014 the acquisition by Saint Louis FC, a professional soccer team for men. This team will compete in the United Soccer League (Professional Division II). Saint Louis FC quickly rose to prominence in American professional soccer after its debut season in 2015.

The many years of dedication and hard work of the volunteers and staff of the three clubs, which dates back to 1970, are the reason for today’s success and achievements.

Busch Soccer Club/ St. Louis Soccer Club

Dennis Long, a St. Louis-based brewer Anheuser-Busch, Inc., founded the Busch Gardens Soccer Club in 1970. It was a premier soccer club for boys in the St. Louis region. The club’s name was changed to the Busch Soccer Club in 1980. A few years later, select girls’ soccer teams were added to the club. The club’s name was changed to St. Louis Soccer Club in 2004 to better reflect and support its mission and the community. The club was consistently ranked among the top 20 Girls programs by Soccer America. In its 30+ year history, both the boys and girls teams have won 15 National Championships, as well as winning more State Championships, and advanced more teams to Regional Championships, than any other club.

Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

Scott Gallagher Soccer Club’s roots can be traced back to 1976, when St. Louisan Jim Scott, who was the owner of Scott-Gallagher, Inc., began providing sponsorship assistance to Ruiz S.C., a small soccer club in north St. Louis County. After a two-year transition period, Mr. Scott became the sponsor of the club and the club began to play as Scott Gallagher Soccer Club on 1979. The club was limited to four selected boy’s teams at that time. Two years later, the Scott Gallagher U-19 boys’ team won the club’s first ever national Championship in 1981 McGuire Cup. The club won four Regional Championships that year, a feat which was unprecedented. Wide recognition was given to the club in 1983. Scott Gallagher S.C. won its second McGuire Cup National Championship in 1984. Scott Gallagher S.C. is regularly ranked in Soccer America’s top 20 boy’s soccer clubs. Through 2008, Scott Gallagher S.C. won 11 National Championship titles as well as numerous Regional and State championships.

Metro United Soccer Club

It was only a matter time before soccer’s popularity reached the south Illinois region, thanks to its strong history in St. Louis. The sport had grown over the years in local clubs and schools. In 1993, Metro United Soccer Club was established to provide a professional and thorough level of soccer training to all ages and abilities. Metro United FC was founded with the goal of providing effective and complete soccer instruction. To maximize player development, the club continues to offer the best developmental environment and highest level competition. The club has won over 300 competitions since 1993… and in 2006, Metro United FC participated, along with Scott Gallagher SC, in the inaugural U.S. Soccer Development Academy Program.

DASA Power Soccer Team

St. Louis Scott Gallagher announced at the beginning of the 2018-2019 Season a partnership with Disabled Athlete Sport Association (DASA). The club welcomed the competitive power soccer team to the club for the 2018 DASA seasons and beyond.

Disabled Athlete Sports Association is a 501(c),(3) non-profit organization that specializes in competitive and therapeutic athletics and fitness opportunities. DASA encourages athletes to achieve their maximum independence and to be involved in their communities and with other disabled people. DASA programs are open to both children and adults. They promote self-confidence, physical fitness, family values, and a positive team-building environment that encourages personal growth in all areas of life.

DASA currently has three (3) power soccer clubs. These teams range in skill from recreational to competitive. SLSG Power Soccer teams are fully recognized as members of the historical youth soccer organization and wear club uniforms.


Since 1983, the landmark World Wide Technology Soccer Park (formerly St. Louis Soccer Park or Anheuser Busch Soccer Park), has been a landmark of the St. Louis community. The Soccer Park was originally built by local soccer leagues, and then later bought by Anheuser Busch Companies. It now includes:

  • Five (5) turf fields
  • One (1) grassfield
  • West Community Stadium (capacity 5,260)
  • Banquet Facilities
  • Locker rooms, offices, meeting rooms
  • Pub & Grill at the Soccer Park
  • Fan Shop (full-service retail shop)


The Soccer Park has been around for 30+ years and features many highlights, including the US National Team World Cup Qualifying Games and Men’s and women’s Professional Soccer Matches. High School Soccer and Lacrosse Championships and many more.

The World Wide Technology Soccer Park today is home to the St. Louis Scott Gallagher youth football club. The Soccer Park is home to more than 1.2 million people annually. It also houses the first national soccer complex and stadium.

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