Donate to small nonprofits this Give STL Day for greater impact

Over the past decade, the St. Louis Community Foundation’s Give STL Day has raised more than $30 million for 1,000-plus local nonprofits. The day is geared toward celebrating and supporting the nonprofits that make our region a wonderful place to call home—and this year, it will be easier to give than ever before.

“With Give STL Day, everyone can be a philanthropist,” says the St. Louis Community Foundation’s Emily Baumann. “It’s incredibly easy to support the causes you are passionate about, and donations truly add up—especially for the smaller organizations.”

Baumann adds, “For those who aren’t in the position to donate, simply spreading the word by sharing a social media post or telling a friend can have an exponential impact.”

What Nonprofits Say About Give STL Day

Curious exactly what kind of impact Give STL Day makes? Here’s what several area nonprofits say about the event:

  • Circus Flora: “The St. Louis community is a key part of Circus Flora, and the support of Give STL Day is critical to the success of our year-round outreach programming!” 
  • Books for STL Kids: “Give STL Day allows us to connect with our community—those we know and those we don’t know yet. The funds raised during this day help us continue to place new books in the hands of children who need them most.”
  • Slightly Askew Theater Ensemble: “Give STL Day has become a very important component in our yearly fundraising. We have found that many of our contributors enjoy the central hub for donating to SATE, as well as the spirit of community the day inspires.”
  • PCs for People of Greater St. Louis: “Give STL Day connects us to people who care about the life-changing work we do every day. These connections and opportunities for funding propel our mission, ensuring we have the best chance at achieving a sustainable future and connected community.”

Make a Bigger Impact By Going Small

For those looking to make an even bigger impact this year, Baumann suggests giving to smaller organizations, where the impact will span even further, just like it did for the organizations above.

“About half of participating nonprofits are carrying out their work with operating budgets of $1,000,000 or less,” Baumann says. “For many of them, Give STL Day is their largest fundraiser of the year. We hope that donors will consider giving to these smaller organizations, particularly those with diverse leadership.”

With this year’s new website platform, MightyCause, it’s now much easier to search for nonprofits that match donors’ interests. From open-space conservation and animal rescues to food pantries and senior services, countless organizations are participating with missions that appeal to a variety of areas.

Simply visit, and use the search tool to find nonprofits based on specific missions, operating budgets, service areas, audiences served, and BILPOC (Black, Indigenous, Latinx and/or any People of Color) leadership.

How to Give

Making a Give STL Day donation is as easy as shopping online. All you need to do is visit, peruse the list of participating organizations, and give at least $10 to one or more of the causes that speak to you. 

Consider amplifying the power of your contributions by employing the following strategies.

  • Start a fundraiser. On or before May 9, visit, look up an organization that you want to support, click the “Create Fundraiser” button, and follow the instructions.
  • Donate during a Power Hour. As in years past, sponsored Power Hours will occur throughout the day. During Power Hours, a $120,000 total prize pool boosts donations made during that hour, helping your gift go further. This year’s Power Hour times are as follows: 9–10 a.m., noon–1 p.m., 3–4 p.m., 6–7 p.m., and 9–10 p.m.
  • Find employer-matching funds. Many employers will match charitable giving donations on Give STL Day and throughout the year. Check to see if your employer offers matching funds. 
  • Get online, and participate. Finally, be sure to tell your friends about Give STL Day. Donations of all sizes make a big difference to nonprofits and the missions they serve. Celebrate the organizations that make our region a great place to live—and give.

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