Explore thousands of games at Geekway to the West

What began as a weekend of board games hosted at one friend’s home in 2005 has grown to a days-long gaming convention that welcomes thousands of hobbyists to St. Charles each year.

“When you’re really into board games, what you do is you say, ‘What if we just did this at a hotel and we never had to go home?’” says Jay Moore, president of Geekway LLC.

That’s the idea behind Geekway to the West, held this year from May 16–19, a four-day event hosted over 82 straight hours that encourages board game fans to play to their heart’s content. Attendees can bring their own games to play, check out prototypes from designers, swap games with other hobbyists, and pull from Geekway’s library of more than 2,000 games.

Perhaps the most exciting element is the annual Play and Win event, which encourages attendees to play some of the newest, buzziest games from the convention’s extensive library for a chance to win their own copies. Check out just a few of the possibilities below.

Daybreak (2023)

Gather your friends and build a new, eco-friendly society in this cooperative game where players act as world powers working together to take climate action and protect the planet.

Fliptown (2023)

This quick-draw flip-and-write game sees players try to earn stars as they explore the Wild West—the trail, badlands, mine, and town—via a poker deck.

Mycelia (2023)

In this family-friendly strategy game from Ravensburger, players build a deck of forest residents to help them gain skills and transport dewdrops to a Shrine of Life.

Thunder Road: Vendetta (2023)

Fans of high-octane excitement will enjoy this restoration of a classic 1986 game in which crews race—and fight—to be the last car on the road.

Command of Nature (2024)

Take on rival sages from the Twig, Leaf, Droplet, and Pebble factions in this deck-building game that pits players against one another to become the Master of the Elements.

Wyrmspan (2024)

New from Stonemaier Games, the St. Louis game publisher responsible for hit game Wingspan, is Wyrmspan. Instead of birds, this game has players build a sanctuary for dragons of all shapes and sizes.

FYI: A full list of Play and Win titles can be found at boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/332762.

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